Livestock & Animal Management

Easily track animal health, growth rates, yields, and profits. Manage activities, grazing rotations and gain insight into your livestocks health and reproduction all from one place.

Key Features

  • Log animal records online or from your mobile devices
  • Track genealogy, breeding, productivity & print pedigree certificates
  • Report on animal reproduction rates
  • Track animal production and yields
  • Track income and revenue and calculate the ROI on your livestock
  • Manage livestock & field grazing rotation
  • Track livestock growth metrics
  • Record important reminders, notes, and activities
  • Store images and files with each animal

Farmbrite's animal and livestock management features provide a daily and yearly view into your livestock. Keep all of your important documents and images, as well as notes in one secure place and access it easily from anywhere.

Create and print out pedigree charts with your farm information during a sale. View your livestock, profits and yields, calendar events and animal specific documentation like feed information. Using your own custom notes and keywords you can completely customize how you view, track and report on your livestock. Additionally you can record and monitor the production of your livestock, tracing the quality and quantity of what's produced and trending it over time.

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