Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is farmbrite different from other farm management software?
    We're different for lots of reasons, but here are just a few:
    • We're extremely affordable. We believe great software should be accessible to everyone and we're truly passionate about helping farmers. Also, we don't have shareholders or investors to worry about, so we can focus on our customers 1st.
    • We're one of only online farm applications that supports tracking and management of crops, livestock, equipment records, customers & contacts, finances and let's you create your own online store.
    • We're web based, which means you can access your account and data from anywhere, anytime, on any device.
    • We're easily to use.
    • We listen to our customers. We regularly release improvements & features that are driven by our user comments and feedback.
  • Is my data secure?
    Yes. Your data is always yours. We will never share it with anyone. We take your data security and privacy very seriously and use encrypted data transmission (SSL), redundant servers, and regular data backups to help keep your data safe and sound.
  • Can my farm hands record data in farmbrite?
    Sure thing. Each farmbrite account comes with 5 available users that can login separately and help with your record keeping. Need more users? Let us know and we can setup your account with additional users.
  • What size or types of producer does farmbrite support?
    We made farmbrite to be as flexible as possible so that we can help the broadest range of farmers and ranchers. Any agricultural venture from a hobby farm or urban garden to a commercial producer can use farmbrite.
  • Do I need to provide a credit card to try farmbrite?
    No, you can try farmbrite for Free for 14 days. No credit card required.
  • Can I generate financial statements for my accountant or for taxes?
    Yes, when recording and categorizing transactions in farmbrite you can generate a P&L statement that is summarized to help complete your schedule F using our Farm accounting features.
  • Can I cancel my account anytime?
    Yes, you can cancel anytime.
  • Can I import my records from another system or from Excel?
    Yes, you can import basic data into farmbrite including livestock, transactions, equipment, contacts, and crops.
  • Where is your company based?
    We are a 100% U.S. based company founded and located in Colorado.
  • How do I get help with my account or answers to my quesitons?
    You can contact us anytime and we'll be happy to help you any way we can.
  • Does farmbrite support different languages?
    Not currently. Farmbrite currently is English only, but we plan to provide translated versions in the future.
  • Can I sell my products or sell CSA memberships online?
    Yes, using farmbrite's online store you can setup your own website, manage and sell any type of product, sell CSA memberships and collect payments online. Note: A Stripe Payment account is required to collect payments.
  • Does farmbrite support international units of measurement?
    Yes, we support standard units including Metric, Imperial and US customary.