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All-in-one farm & livestock software

10% Discount for Hemp Industries Association Members

Keeping accurate records of your farm is imperative to help you measure and track your production and management decisions. Farmbrite can help you with this by keeping your organized and giving you a birds eye view of your production numbers.


The cost of being unorganized gets higher each year and it has never been more important to keep good records. With current market trends it's also important to work smarter. Using Farmbrite to keep you organized will give your business the advantage and keep it running more efficiently. 


Farmbrite is packed with features to help you improve your decision making and manage all aspects of your farm.

Members can track everything related to their farm production. Farmbrite offers a complete seed/birth to sale solution for your agricultural operation. 

Organize your Farm or Ranch

Manage livestock, crops, equipment, contacts, bookkeeping all in one place. Simply and easily keep track of all your important records for your agricultural business. Never misplace your records again. Record in-depth information, streamline accounting, note taking, nutrient and yield tracking and activities for your crops, livestock, staff, equipment and more.

Increase Productivity

Plan, schedule and track everything you need. Plan and manage your farm and ranch activities through a multi-user account. Plan crop plantings, estimate and generate seed orders, chart expenses & income, manage grazing rotations and keep on schedule with plantings, harvests and maintenance. 

Fits any Operation

A flexible and customizable platform that adapts to your farm and processes.  No two farms are run alike, which is why Farmbrite is designed to integrate into your processes and enable you to optimize them.  Like a good tool Farmbrite gives you leverage and gets to work for you. Flexible enough to work for all size and types of crop and livestock producers from cattle and goats to organic crop producers.

Gain Operational Insight

Gain valuable insight into your farm or ranch business.  Easily identify trends and understand your return on investment.  Discover what crops, fields, livestock or processes produce the best results.  Instantly access actionable data to inform you on where to best invest or change processes.  Utilize pre-built comprehensive standard reports or create your own advanced customizable reports.

10% Discount for Hemp Industries Association Members

Save money and start improving your farm or livestock operation 
We're a proud supporter of the
Hemp Industries Association

We're happy to offer a lifetime discount to members their Farmbrite subscription. Just contact us with your member number to claim your discount. Use the code yrttjvRp at checkout to get 10% off.

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