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Complete Livestock Software

Integrated multi-species breeding, livestock record keeping, grazing, management, tracking, sales and reporting software to run a thriving livestock business.

Everything you need to manage your livestock operation

Manage breeding, keep records, manage tasks, take notes, track treatments, monitor health & growth metrics, manage grazing, generate reports, track finances, and market & sell online. All from one secure, user-friendly platform available on any device from anywhere. 

Livestock software that's flexible enough for all types of producers

Works great for:

Livestock record keeping and management software features provide a comprehensive view into your livestock operation. No more guessing which animals are being productive and where you are seeing worthwhile returns on your investments. Easily record and monitor the production of your herd, tracking the quality and quantity of production over time.

Make smarter breeding decision, monitor livestock health & treatments, measure & track growth rates, and optimize grazing to product better yields and higher profits.


Collaborate with your team to manage important tasks and activities and measure the impact of changes to feed, grazing or treatments.  Easily store and share all your important ranch records in a secure location you can access from anywhere.

  • Supports all types and multi-species livestock farms

  • Improve breed management

  • Livestock genealogy, pedigree & lineage

  • Measure key performance metrics

  • Monitor and manage herd feedings, growth & health

  • Gain valuable insights on your livestock

  • Keep better livestock records

  • Track and optimize grazing rotations

  • Streamline staff tasks and schedules

  • Improve soil health with regenerative grazing

  • Secure critical records & documents

  • Improve animal care and treatments

  • Track animal health, gains & yields

  • Market your farm and sell online

  • Understand and improve farm profits & loss

  • Plus tons of integrated farm management features

"Easy to use, simple, and a great way to record all the important information in one place... So far more features than I have used so plenty of room to grow into and with it. Never had any issue with Farmbrite! I really, really like and will be using it daily..."

James, Virginia Rancher