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9 Mobile Apps to help your farm

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Mobile apps for farming

With the expansion of mobile technology and the ever increasing access to reliable internat service there are more and more mobile apps being developed to support every type of organization. Farms and ranches are no exception. Many of these mobile apps are designed to help to collect information and determine issues that might be coming up for farmers in their fields, soil, weather and other updates concerning their land and crops. This can all be collected on their smartphone and used to problem solve for you.     There are some specifically, that we thought are helpful. They are apps working with weed and pest identification, weather, field mapping, commodity pricing, irrigation tools, pesticide application charts and more. Some people love all the tech and gadgets and of course, some people do not. Wherever you land on that spectrum here are some mobile apps in the agricultural technology realm to check out that just might help you be more successful this year. AGriMobile This app features commodity news, weather, local cash grain quotes and charts, as well as local news. Xarvio A scouting app that identifies weeds, recognizes diseases, analyses leaf damage and field stress, crop emergence analysis and shows the nitrogen uptake. FarmDog App Scout your fields for issues, share field observations and treatment decisions. Field check App View pesticide applicators of any kind to locate specialty crop and beehive locations from their mobile device or tablet. FieldNet mobile This is a remote irrigation management tool. You can remotely change your irrigation as it shows irrigation pivots. Aphid Speed Scout Is an app through the University of Nebraska. It helps you track your aphid counts on soybeans (or other crops). Pl@ntNet This is a plant identification tool. You can sort by your location what types of weeds you find. Ag PHD App This app helps you identify problems in your field specifically with weeds and insects. It gives you the name, a photo and some control recommendations. Fambrite While you're checking out the mobile technology please keep in mine our software, Farmbrite. Our farm management app lets you track farm mapping and planning, weather updates, organization, and spending all while on the go.

Farmbrite mobile

There are more and more agricultural apps popping up all the time with the goal of helping farmers and ranchers identify problems and solve them quickly.


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