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We help farmers thrive

Farmbrite delivers innovative, customer-centric solutions that enable farmers & ranchers to grow more food, more efficiently, sustainably and humanely for their communities.

Food connects us all. 
We want to cultivate community by empowering farmers.


Farmer Built

Founded in 2012, Farmbrite is an agriculture technology (AgTech) company that's mission driven to help more people get started in and succeed in agriculture. Founded by husband and wife team Ian and Janine Russell and built for and optimized on our own small farm.


Our decades of software development experience, passion for technology, agriculture and sustainability has inspired us to create Farmbrite - an easy to use, cost effective, complete farm management software platform which help farmers and ranchers be more organized, sustainable and successful. 

Farmer Focused

We take helping seriously.  We love to work directly with customers to listen to and solve real-world problems that can help farmers thrive and support their mission.  

Farmer Funded

Farmbrite is completely self funded and runs solely on it's own profits.  With no outside investors or interests the only people we are accountable to is our customers. 

Purpose Driven

We measure our success by the impact we have, not just the revenue we make.

We believe in cultivating change by creating customer centric solutions that enable farmers & ranchers to grow more food, more efficiently, sustainably and humanely for their communities.

In addition to helping commercial producers we also work with and sponsor farm educators and food non-profits who are helping to solve food insecurity and create more sustainable farming practices.  Learn more.

Our Core Values

Cultivate Community

Help with heart, listen with intent, be fair & honest, value diversity and think beyond self.

Grow your Impact

Do meaningful work in a lean way that solves important problems with quality products and a service philosophy.

Dig what you do

Have passion for your craft and our purpose while having fun.

Meet the Team


Chief Technology Officer

Maker of bits, lover of logic, paradox pondering, woods walker, crafting farm fresh technology solutions.


Chief Impact Officer

Community Crusader: Planting positivity, knitting connections, and stretching limits, one community at a time!


Customer Success Manager

Sasquatch seeker turned plant whisperer: Unearthing customer success one harvest at a time!


Chief Cuddle Officer

Half dog, half cat, but 100% motivated to spend the day holding down the floor.


Director of Cloud Happiness

Digital wizard and climber of mountains whose kind soft demeanor keeps any cloud environment happy.


Digital Marketing Manager

Pancake Slayer, Taco connoisseur, and Marketing Nerd. Always on the hunt to turn Clicks into Customers.

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