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Free farm software for nonprofits*

Your impact is important. Farmbrite is proud to support qualifying nonprofits with special pricing and discounts, up to 100% off.  We want to help support your mission and help you to keep making an impact.  

Let's grow something great together!

While Farmbrite is not a nonprofit, we support organizations that are committed to reducing hunger, improving community access to fresh and healthy foods, and improving sustainable & regenerative agricultural practices while strengthening their communities. That's why we created the Community Partner Program.

Who should apply:

Registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit agricultural organizations whose mission is:

  • Working to eliminate food deserts or reduce hunger and are helping under privileged or minority communities by donating at least 50% of their farm yields

  • Educating future generations of farmers on sustainable or regenerative agriculture and that sponsors at least 30%  of students with free or discounted tuition for under privileged or under served communities

  • School garden programs that support community access to fresh local foods (typically by donating > 50% of food produced)

  • Community food hubs that provide at least 50% of their food for free or at discounted rates to their communities

If you are helping to change or feed the world - Let's grow something great together!

* Applying for this program does not guarantee approval.  Discount levels provided may vary and all applications are reviewed to ensure they meet consistent criteria.  Farmbrite reserves the right to approve, deny or revoke any sponsored accounts at our discretion.

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