Free farm software for nonprofits

Your impact is important. Farmbrite is proud to support qualifying nonprofits with special pricing and discounts, up to 100% off.  We want to help support your mission and help you to keep making an impact.  

Let's grow something great together!

While Farmbrite is not a nonprofit, we support organizations that are committed to reducing hunger, improving access to fresh food, improve sustainable & regenerative agricultural practices while strengthening their communities through sustainable agriculture. That's why we created the Community Partner Program.


To help, we provide qualifying agricultural nonprofits around the world a Farmbrite Plus plan, free of charge.

Who should apply:

  • Agricultural organizations working to eliminate food deserts or reduce hunger

  • Urban community gardens serving under privileged or minority communities

  • Sustainable and regenerative agriculture non-profits 

  • Non-profit organizations working to educate future generations to support sustainable agriculture and that provide free or discounted education to under privileged or under served communities

  • School garden programs that support community access to fresh local foods (typically by donating > 50% of food produced)

  • Community food hubs that provide free or discounted food to their communities

If you're helping to change or feed the world we encourage you to apply.