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Farm Cooperative Management Software

Everything you need to track, manage and report on your farm co-op. No more missing records or lack of insight into production.  Flexible features lets you manage your farms, while giving you insight into their operations.

Simplify and optimize the management of your cooperative

Running an efficient farming cooperative is hard work.  Farmbrite's industry leading farm software can help you to streamline the management and reporting of your farming cooperative. Integrate all your farms into one simplified online record keeping system allowing easier access, visibility, reporting and collaboration.
Our Co-op management  solution will keep you and your farms organized and communicating easily.

Take a breath and relax, with Farmbrite's Coop Manager you have easy access to all your farms and their data. They simply record their information in their Farmbrite account and it reports back into the central administrative account.  

Central management of all your farms

Easily manage all the farms in a cooperative from one single place.  Access overviews of your cooperatives produce planning and realtime estimates of farm yields. 


Assign farm managers across multiple properties or allow each farm to operate independently while still gaining valuable production insights.

Plan & monitor individual farms

Gain quick access to individual farm data to have valuable insight into their production and productivity. Access individual farms to check in production, quickly touch base and ask/answer questions, access year end projections.

Checking in on specific farms and their production helps you stay on top of problems and issues that might be coming up to quickly resolve.

Full Farmbrite Suite

Farmbrite offers a full suite of helpful features for your farms.  Helpful features include: Accounting & reports, livestock & crop production, tasks & calendar, equipment management, CRM, online marketplace and more.   

Give your farm managers access to a full suite of farm management features keeping them more organized and profitable.

Share best practices

Easily identify best practices that help to drive increased productivity from your top performing farms.  Using this insight you can share this knowledge with your farms helping to increase the production levels of your cooperative. 

Farmbrite has helped thousands of farmers to be more effective and profitable.  Learn how Farmbrite can help your farm cooperative.

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