Complete Farm Management & Livestock Software

Everything you need from seed-to-sale

Build crop plans, breed, track & manage livestock, keep records, manage tasks, take notes, generate reports, track finances, and market & sell online. All from one secure, user-friendly platform available on any device from anywhere. 

Tasks & Schedule

Never loose track of critical tasks or work orders

  • Create and assign tasks & work orders

  • Collaborate with team members

  • Automate reminders & notifications

  • Easily track when work in the field is complete

  • Automate recurring task assignments

  • Track treatments and applications for organic certification

  • Easily access from the field via our mobile app

Crop Planning

Simplify crop planning, tracking & harvesting

  • Project crop yields, income amounts and seed orders

  • Manage everything from annual & perennial fruits and vegetables to orchards, vineyards and cut flowers

  • Easily visualize the season from start to finish

  • Auto-create planting & harvest tasks for your fields

  • Print and share your planting guides

Equipment & Resources

Improve resource tracking and reporting

  • Easily map fields, enclosures, water-ways and critical boundaries

  • Track notes, maintenance records and other activities 

  • Store all your images & files in one secure location

  • Automate area calculations to streamline crop planning

  • Simplify planning and organic certification

  • Track & manage inventory

  • Automate task assignment for critical resource maintenance

Livestock Management

Simplify livestock breeding, grazing, tracking & reporting

  • Manage breeding activities & genealogy

  • Track & understand your investments and ROI

  • Flexible platform for cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and more.

  • Track notes, records, and treatments for organic certification

  • Measure & report on key health & growth metrics

  • Automate and track task assignments for your ranch hands

  • Simplify production and quality reporting & tracking

  • Optimize grazing rotations to improve soil & animal health

Accounting & Financials

Streamline farm accounting and tax reporting

  • Integrate farm bookkeeping features to track your transactions

  • One-click financial reports - P&L, Cash Flow, etc

  • Automatic schedule F tax categorization to simplify tax reporting

  • Easily measure ROI across your operations

  • Automated sales tracking

  • Instantly access & record transactions from anywhere via our mobile app

Online e-Commerce Stores

Market & sell online. Simplify order & sales tracking.

  • Integrate e-Commerce store & marketing website

  • Automate customer communications

  • Track orders & sales

  • Automated inventory management

  • Streamline harvest to inventory

  • Manage delivery & pick-up options

  • No setup or hidden fees

Reporting & Analytics

Learn & make better decisions from your data

  • Built in one-click standard reports

  • User-friend custom reporting to let you slice & dice your data anyway you want

  • Integrated dashboards & charts give you instant, at-a-glance insights into your operations

  • Cooperative management dash-boarding & reporting available

  • Streamline organic certifications and compliance reporting

Your Farm Data is safe with us

Industry leading security, reliability & customer service built in

  • Industry leading data privacy, security and storage

  • Passionate and dedicate 100% US based team 

  • Always available access to your data from anywhere, anytime on any device

  • Nothing to download or install

  • Software and cloud hosting backed by decades of expert experience and built to meet leading industry standards

  • Professional service & custom development support available

  • Built with a passion to help small farms  be more sustainable and successful.  Read more

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