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Optimize from Seed to Sale

Improve crop planning, work collaboration and record keeping in order to increase yields and profits

All-in-One farm software to organize, optimize & manage a more productive and efficient farm business

With Farmbrite you have everything you need to track, manage and optimize your farm operations

Organize your Farm Business

Easily record and access any important information about your crops, treatments, harvests, equipment and more.  Consolidate and secure everything in one easy to access and search online system.

Plan & Optimize Production

Quickly and easily plan planting operations, estimate yields and revenue. Generate seed and work orders, map your fields, access realtime weather information, and gain real-time insight into crop issues and production.

Collaborate with your Team 

Collaborate with farm workers to ensure that all critical jobs are tracked and complete.  Create and manage complete farm activities and tasks.  Assign work and send automated reminders to workers to ensure optimal efficiency.

Improve Operations, Yields and Profts

Gain valuable insight into your business by understanding key revenue and expense drivers.  Understand your investments to help ensure you achieve maximum ROI.  Utilize pre-built or custom reports to gain a new level of visibility into your business.

All your Records at your Fingertips

Never worry again about loosing your important farm records.  Sleep soundly knowing that they are safe and secure. Enter and access complete farm information from anywhere, anytime, on any device.  Online or in the field.

Scales with you as Grow and Diversify

Let Farmbrite enhance your current processes.  No need to change or retool what works for you.  Built to be flexible and adaptable, Farmbrite scales to support any size or type of agriculture operation. 

Image by Zoe Schaeffer

Farmbrite allows us to manage multiple enterprises with one product. Since we do both livestock (chickens, goats, sheep and pigs) and vegetable production and sell through both a CSA and farmers markets we were looking for a one-stop-shop to manage all of our data. So far Farmbrite has exceeded our expectations.

Donna, Executive Director at Tallawah Farm

Organize and Optimize your farm operations, simplify reporting and compliance to increase yields and profits

With Farmbrite you can easily plan and track all your crop production.  Coordinate farm workers to make sure everyone is focused on the right tasks. Record notes, harvests, soil health and much more in one easy to use online system.  See trends and opportunities to improve your yields or process and flexible enough to work for all types of producers and growers.

Record crop and field activity for better insight into your farm production. Use the garden layout and planning designer to organize and plan your fields. Compare fields year over year to help with companion planting, fallow fields and rotations.  Report on your harvests and yields for insight into what was successful and how much was grown. Print quick access QR codes easily pull up all your information and record notes from your mobile devices.

Seed orders are automatically estimated for you based on your field or bed planting plans. No more guessing or complicated formulas to try and figure out how much seed you need.  Keep track of important activities and events for each field so you and your team can stay on top of every detail of your agricultural business.

Plan & Keep Better Records

Easily plan and track all your production activities, record amendments and discovery trends and opportunities to improve your yields or processes.  Your records are always secure and available from anywhere.

Organize & Collaborate

Coordinate farm workers to make sure everyone is focused on the right tasks and build schedules and reminders to make sure the work gets done. Collect valuable data from the field through multi-user and mobile access.

Simplify Accounting & Taxes

Easily to manage bookkeeping that gives you insight into your operation's profitability.  Streamline your tax and compliance reporting with pre-built reports and categorization. 

Improve Asset Management

Easily manage and track all your tools, equipment and machinery by keeping notes, service manuals, and service records in a single location. 

Simplify your certification processes through consolidated reporting, centralized record keeping, asset tracking and integrated farm mapping.

Create a custom website to easily market and sell you products online. Track and manage inventory & order information. Also easily offer mobile (touch free) payment options for markets and farmstand.

Packed with tons of easy to use Features

  • Plan, track and report on your crop production

  • Manage farm scheduling, activities and tasks

  • Manage all your livestock needs (record keeping, expenses & production reporting, grazing management, genealogy, breeding, etc for cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and more)

  • Flexible and customizable to meet the needs of all kinds of operations and producers

  • Generate Schedule F reports

  • Farm accounting and profit & loss reporting

  • Keep detailed records for all your equipment and customers​

  • Manage your farm’s schedule

  • Reminders, events and appointments

  • Consolidated view across all of your farm’s assets

  • Create work schedules

  • Centralized To-Do list

  • Assign tasks to farm workers

  • Setup recurring tasks

  • View local weather forecasts

  • Crop planning and harvest estimating

  • Record crop and field productivity​

  • Automatically generate seed order estimates

  • Log important notes online or from your mobile

  • Track and report on crop production​​

  • Map your fields and facilities to determine accurate area​

  • Compare historic production trends

  • ​Manage & track crop and soil treatments

  • Track and monitor nutrients and soil health

  • Generate printable planting guides

  • Record important reminders and activities

  • Plan, track and manage plantings and harvests

  • Track expenses and calculate your ROI and P&L

  • Easily market & sell your farm products online

  • Easily track from seed to sale

  • Easy to use reporting features

  • Import your existing data

  • Your data is always safe and secure

  • Access your records from anywhere, anytime

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