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Complete Farm Management Software

Only Farmbrite integrates your whole operation into a simple to use platform that helps bio-diverse producers you know more, grow more and sell more.

Farmbrite crop planning software
Manage your farm from Seed-to-Sale!
Farmbrite mobile app experience

Flexible and scalable to fit any agricultural operation. 


  • Plan and manage crop production

  • Keep records

  • Manage tasks and work orders

  • Record production notes

  • Track treatments and amendments

  • Monitor soil health and yield metrics

  • Understand and analyze production data and financials

  • Simplify compliance reporting

  • Market & sell online.

Trusted by crop producers world-wide since 2012.  We help growers to plan and forecast, track production records, generate seed orders, track inputs & soil health, measure and improve harvests & yields, compare historic trends, generate work schedules, simplify bookkeeping and taxes, keep up with contacts and appointments, manage equipment & inventory, sell direct to consumer online and more.

Our seed to sale software solution will help keep your operation running smoothly even as the market changes.

  • Project crop yields, income amounts and seed orders

  • Manage everything from annual & perennial fruits and vegetables to orchards, vineyards and cut flowers

  • Easily visualize the season from start to finish

  • Auto-create planting & harvest tasks for your fields

  • Print and share your planting guides

  • Easily track and report on harvests and organic compliance

  • Pre-loaded with common plant types, spacings, planting and yield data.

  • Easy to use pre-built reports simply analysis

  • Integrated work management, harvest, inventory, accounting and sales features

  • Automate yield projections and analysis

  • Easily map farm, irrigation, buildings, boundaries and more.

  • Streamline orders with integrated pick-lists

Farm software from seed to sale

"Farmbrite allows us to manage multiple enterprises with one product. Since we do both livestock (chickens, goats, sheep and pigs) and vegetable production and sell through both a CSA and farmers markets we were looking for a one-stop-shop to manage all of our data. So far Farmbrite has exceeded our expectations."

Donna, Organic Farmer CA

Harvest Image by James Baltz
Market Garden Image by Kenan Kitchen
Greenhouse Image by Jason Lee
Orachard Image by Tina Witherspoon
Apple Harvest Image by Terra Slaybaugh

Flexible enough for all types of growers & producers

Works great for:
  • Row crops (corn, soy bean, wheat & grains)

  • Market Gardens & CSAs

  • Greenhouse Operations

  • Hay & Alfalfa

  • Orchards

  • Flower Farms

  • Vineyards

  • Tree Farms

  • Hemp & Other Cash Crops

  • Aquaponics

Professional crop grower record keeping and management features provide a comprehensive view into your operation. Built with with the small to medium sized producer in mind.  Keep all of your important  records, notes, activities, documents, images, and more in one secure online location.  Easy to use planning, growing, harvesting, sales, inventory, accounting and reporting features that make managing your growing season a snap. 

No more fumbling between different systems and spreadsheets - our integrated platform gives you all the tools you need to succeed.  Plus you can streamline you compliance requirements.

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