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Sheep and Lamb

All-in-one record keeping, breeding, grazing, health, treatments and management software for your lamb or wool operation.

Keeping accurate records of your sheep flock is imperative to help you measure the performance of your operation. Farmbrite gives you the tools to perform and optimize.

The cost of having unorganized records gets higher each year. It has never been more important to keep organized management records. With current market trends it's also important to work smarter. Using Farmbrite to keep you organized will give your business the advantage and keep it running more efficiently.

Regardless of the type of sheep or lamb that you breed or raise, Farmbrite can help make sure that you're getting the most from your flock. Farmbrite is flexible enough to work for all types of sheep breeds, including Suffolk, Dorper, Dorset, Katahdin, Icelandic, Barbados Blackbelly, Hampshire, Texel, Tunis, Cheviot, CVM, Merino, Rambouillet, Leicester, Lincoln and more. We even make it easy to import your existing data from another system, spreadsheet or breed registry / association site.

Farmbrite has been a trusted software solution for the sheep and lamb industry since 2012. Farmbrite helps to track herd records for medical treatments, breeding, birth history, yield, compare historic trends, genealogy charting, profit and loss, keep up with contacts and appointments, tasks, accounting, equipment and more. We offer a birth to sale software solution to keep your operation running smoothly even as the market adapts and changes.

Whether raising sheep for wool or lamb Farmbrite can help to streamline and improve your operation.

Key Benefits for 

Sheep and Lamb Shepherd

- Improve breeding and reproduction performance
- Herd genealogy, pedigree & lineage tracking
- Measure key performance and growth metrics
- Monitor & manage herd health statistics
- Gain valuable insights on your herd
- Track and monitor withdrawal and treatment dates
- Automated inventory & loss reporting
- Streamline data capture with RFID scanner integrations
- Automated expected birth dates and reminders
- Secure critical records & documents
- Keep track of wool inventory
- Improve herd health, gains & yields
- Understand and improve profits
- Flexible enough for all types of sheep operations

"I can’t say enough great things about Farmbrite! Farmbrite is the best online software service for any beginning or seasoned farmer to manage all aspects of your farm operation! I can manage in the field on a smart pad, an iPhone (and smartphone) on my desktop, or laptop. Brilliant!"

Farmbrite helps

Sheep and Lamb Shepherd

Increase Productivity

Improve farm work orders and track all your data in one secure location.  Access from anywhere and collaborate with your team to organize and improve farm activities. 

Save Time & Money

Plan & manage livestock, crops, equipment, customers, orders, and finances all in one place. Simply and easily track all your records. Never loose key information again. 

Improve Sustainability

Easily track  health metrics, manage and record treatments and automate traceability.  Integrate dual producer tools help support regenerative and bio-diverse agriculture.

Simplify Reporting & Compliance

Improve Harvest & Yields

Streamline yield planning and tracking. Quickly and Easily identify trends and potential problems.  Gain valuable insight to improver operation and yields.

Sell Farm Products Online

Market & sell your products directly online with a fully integrated e-commerce website.  Simplify order and inventory tracking, customer records and fulfillment.

Built in reporting, automate profit & loss, simplify tax & compliance reporting.  Gain new insight into your operations and improve decision making.

Farm software for your whole agriculture business!

Plan. Track. Sell. Improve.

Integrated farm planning, record keeping, management, tracking, sales and reporting software to run a thriving farm or livestock business.

Free 2 week trial. No credit card needed.

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