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Hemp Farm Management Software

Optimize the management of your hemp farm

Seed to Sale Hemp Management Software

Farmbrite is scalable to fit any agricultural operation. Our solution grows with you.
Keeping accurate records of your plantings and harvests is imperative to help you measure and track your production numbers. Farmbrite can help you with this by giving you a snapshot of your data and show you what's working and what isn't. 
The cost of being unorganized gets higher each year and as the market changes it has never been more important to keep good records. Work smarter by using Farmbrite to keep you organized gives your business the advantage of insight and keeps it running more efficiently.  
Trusted by Hemp producers to track your records for seed purchases, nutrients, amendment records, harvests, compare historic trends, work schedule, schedule F, keep up with contacts and appointments, tasks, accounting, equipment and more. We offer a seed to sale software solution to keep your operation running smoothly even as the market changes.

Plan your Season

Build your farm season with our secure platform. Map your fields, create you crop plan, store notes, manage tasks and calendar items, plan harvests automatically


Use your tablet, mobile device or PC to access your information anywhere you need.

Data Analysis

Gain valuable insight into your farm production and productivity. Strategic insights give you the data to make informed decisions about your crops with your data analysis through standard and customized reports.

Create customized reports that give performance records and give you insight into your business. The software pays for itself in business insights. 

Seed to Sale

Track your seed from purchase to sale. Our suite of features helps you buy your seed, plant and care for it through harvest and report on how your season was.


Our online store lets you launch your own online store and sell direct to your customers. Set inventory limits, wholesale pricing options, charge a delivery fee, taxes and collect secure payments with Stripe.  


We even offer Quick Pay to put in your road side stand or pop up selling event. Customers can scan a QR code and enter the amount to pay.


Each agricultural operation runs a little differently. We give you the tools to keep your organized and get out of the way. We grow with you.

Our software was designed by farmers & ranchers to be flexible and help you keep organized, log important information, order seeds easily, map your fields and see your crop history and so much more.

A Secure Home for your Data

Farmbrite is a secure home for all your data. Build your seasonal crop plans, store notes, manage tasks and maintenance, harvests to have all your records in one place for your organic certification or recertification.


Use your tablet, mobile device or PC to access your information anywhere you need. Or download our native mobile app for iOS and Android.

A Suite of Services for you

Our helpful suite of features doesn't stop at tracking your crops. You receive a ton of features that help your business keep on track. Often your operation will sell many things in multiple places. Farmbrite helps you track of it all.    


Some of our other features include: Accounting & reports, livestock & grazing, calendar & tasks, equipment and maintenance, customer & contact management, online marketplace and more all the time.

All of these helpful features under one login create a place where it's easy to track and maintain your agricultural business. 

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Farmbrite has an easy to use interface and offers great features to keep track of many different areas of your farm. The software makes tracking expenses, crops and tasks simple. Farmbrite is affordable and worth checking out.

Christopher, Farmer 

Learn how Farmbrite can help your hemp operation be more productive and profitable.