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Best flowers to grow on your flower farm

Updated: May 19, 2023

Bunches of different types of cut flowers

Did you know that the growth of flower farmers and the sales of fresh cut flowers have been booming in recent years. So whether you grow vegetable, fruits, berries, meat, milk shares or herbs adding flowers to your crop plan can be a great way to boost sales at the market and add extra value to your customers.

Flowers are a great option to sell at the farmers market. Not only are they beautiful but you can make a fair profit on them. You have the option to sell loose cut flowers as well as making up bouquets to have on-hand. Other farmers at market might also be selling flowers but by making your bouquets unique will help you stand out and bring more people to your booth.

Here is a list of the top 10 flowers to grow on your flower farm and sell at market:


A showy flower that makes a lasting impression. Growing tip: They like full sun and neutral PH soil.


A very easy flower to grow. They grow quickly and bloom heavily. Growing tip: Do not seed until the last frost has passed.


A free flowering annual that is extremely easy to grow. Growing tip: Don't over water.


A spring blooming perennial that grows between 4-28 inches tall in many different colors. Growing tip: Plants the bulbs deep; 8 inches. Plant different varieties with varying bloom times.


A big, bright large stemmed flower and can grow over 16 feet tall. Growing tip: Plant in full sun. They are heliotropic, and follow the sun through the day.


An oldie but a goodie. Growing tip: Deadhead to keep them blooming and wear sturdy gloves.


A short-lived perennial that may not come back every year. They come in wide variety of colors and heights. Growing tip: They prefer cooler soil so don't use a seed mat.


Also called bachelor's button. It is an annual that grows about 1-3 feet in height. Growing tip: Drought tolerant once established they will benefit from mulching with bark.


A showy perennial flower that is either a bulb or rhizome. Growing tip: Especially bearded irises do not like shade. 

Calla Lillies

These can be a little challenging to grow but are well worth it once they get going. Growing tip:  Watch the watering. Too much can cause pythium Flower farming can offer big opportunities to increase existing sales or to get started in agriculture. So whether you're thinking of starting a flower farm or you have extra growing space, adding flowers to your farm can bring a profit and make your market booth look more appealing. This list is a great place to start but keep your eyes out for types of flowers that no one is selling and bring those. Whatever you don't sell you can always sell to the local florist.   Happy Farming!

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