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7 interesting facts about agriculture

Updated: Jul 6

Agriculture has been with us for a very long time. Even if we don't work in agriculture it impacts our daily lives. Here are 7 fun facts about agriculture!

Here are some interesting facts about agriculture: 40% of the worlds population is in agriculture. It makes sense. We need agriculture to survive. ​ Cows are big producers. They produce a lot of milk and meat. They also eat- a ton, literally. 9 million organic producers world wide - and growing. There are many producers that use organic process but just haven't gotten the designation yet. There is a word for this-transitional.  Some plants need cold weather to flower. Cold stratification on seeds and plants signals the plant to be dormant and then once it warms up again the plant is ready to reproduce.  Crayons are grown - from soybeans The soybean oil from one bushel of soybeans will make 2,112 crayons. One acre of soybeans can produce 82,368 crayons! 30% of the 3.3 million farm operators are women. Women farm operators have increased 20% from 2002, and more than 75% of women farm operators are owners of their land. Globally, 70% of all farmers are women.  Fungus helps trees grow Because the fine threads that make fungal mycelium, it can spread over long distances, fungi can capture water and nutrients from far away and bring them back along the fine threads and close to plants roots.

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