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Updated: May 28, 2020

ANGUS A top beef cow, this breed was once through to be a freak without horns. Here's what you should know. They do not like heat and have variable temperaments but they have longevity, are adaptable, fertile, are readily available and often get a high value at the sale barn. Holstien Friesian A very popular breed in America. Known for their amazing output of milk, butter and large yields of beef. This cow is high maintenance. So do your research.  On the other hand they are an affordable cow, early to mature and easy to milk. Hereford These whiteface cows have an easygoing disposition which makes them easy to care for and almost like pets. They are very hardy, have good heat and cold tolerance although might need a little sun protection at times. The downside is they are not cheep and depending on your area hard to find but a great option.

Brown Swiss Known more for their milk production than beef. They make excellent for butter, are very hardy and docile. They are big and live a long time. They do take longer to mature. Make sure that you are getting them from a good source and they are not a freemartin. Charolais A french breed that is a great beef producer. They can be aggressive or unpredictable so seek a reputable breeder. They are adaptable to most climates, and have rapid growth, lean tender meat but they do sometimes have calving issues, are a bit more high maintenance. Galloway Primarily a beef cow but have also been known to be milked and used for their hides. They have a unique hatred of dogs, heat stress can become a problem in some climates, and are slow to grow. They are the weed eaters, have an easy time calving, can calve until age 15 or 20, produce lean/low fat meat and have rich butter. Simmental Is an easy going beef or dairy cow. It has a large frame and can almost be pet like if raised that way. Very adaptable and not easily stressed. It produces a high yield of milk, good quality, lean meat. It can although be expensive to buy, sometimes have trouble calving due to their size and are prone to mastitis because of their dairy background. Short horn ​This breed has been around in Great Britain since the Romans. It is an excellent choice for beef crossbreeding and cheesemaking. It matures early, has calving ease, and longevity and large quantities of milk. They have some genetic issues so buy from a reputable breeder Scottish Highland Small, hairy and horned. It has been raised in North America mostly for novelty although it has a lot to offer. It has lean meat, and functions as a low input animal. It has good dairy quality as well for both cheese and butter and is well suited for clod climates. It does have a strong dislike of confinement, horns and poor heat tolerance and other problems with long haired animals. Ayrshire Current record holder of milk production Their milk is the Goldilocks of rightness; not too rich and not too light. This is one of the larger breeds of cow. If you've got the space for it. They are strong rugged and good at calving. Gelbvieh A very adaptable breed can be very well suited for aird climates since they have good heat tolerance. They are medium to large in size, docile and have a generally quiet demeanor. You should take care in selecting sires for cross breeding.