How to Simplify your Organic Certification

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

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If you’ve gotten your farm or ranch organically certified, you know that a lot of detailed record keeping is required. To ensure success, you need to be diligent about tracking, gathering, and storing data. Equally important, you need to be able to efficiently access years of archived information.

With Farmbrite, you can track, store, and access the data you need for certification – and recertification – all in one place. You can even update and access this data from the field using your smartphone.

Whether you’re collecting data for your first organic certification application, or have years of experience, Farmbrite can help. To learn how, let’s look at some Farmbrite features and explore how they can benefit specific aspects of the certification process.


In this USDA-provided Organic System Plan template, the first information requested after filling in your “State” and “County” is a map.

Creating a map of your farm is easy in Farmbrite. To ensure accuracy, Google maps are built in. Farmbrite helps you identify the borders of your farm or ranch and color code items like property boundaries, fields, beds, buildings as well as animal and growing enclosures.

Once you’ve marked these areas, you can print your customized map or save it as PDF to share – or to edit further in other applications.

Farmbrite's mapping feature shows an aerial view of each farm and ranch


In the certification application process you need to provide information about what you’re doing today, AND detail what’s taken place on your farm in the past. How quickly and easily can you access production practice information and management history for the last 3 years? Not everyone can immediately recall all the details from memory; some of us struggle simply to find where we saved specific files in the file cabinet or on the hard drive.

It’s a lot easier if all the information is in one place.

Farmbrite stores historical data – and so much more – and lets you access it in a variety of reports. In addition to general accounting reports, which provide visibility into things like “Profit & Loss” and “Spending by Category,” other reports are livestock- or crop-specific.

Crop Reports

As a grower, every aspect of your internal and external traceability informa