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Top 7 Books on Farming for the Small Scale Farmer

Updated: May 5, 2023

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The winter sometimes is a great time to reflect on last season, plan for the upcoming season, take a some much needed downtime and maybe do some research/reading. Since we're all looking for ideas to make our farms better I thought we would review. a few books on farming.

Here are our top picks for farming books. Some are about tilling, some are about the business side of farming and others just have good ideas and practices.

Here is our list of the top farming books for small scale farmers

1) You can Farm

By Joel Salatin

In this book written by Joel Salatin, founder of Polyface Farms the gives the rundown of how to be successful and profitable in a small farm business, aptly subtitled "The Entrepreneur's Guide to Start & Succeed in a Farming Enterprise." There are many ideas that can help you even if you aren't selling at market.

Find it on Amazon.

2) The Market Garden

By Jean-Martin Fortier

Micro-farming is a real thing. Read about how you can make a living on 1.5 acres and feeding more than 200 families. This book breaks down everything you need to know to get started and grow a micro-farm. They talk about low tech options but high yield.  It is a great read with pictures, check lists and many innovative ideas. Additionally, the Market Gardener Institute offers courses for small farms to help you get started.

Find it on Amazon.

3) The lean Farm

By Ben Hartman

Work smarter, not harder is the key takeaway from this book. Hartman is farming on just 1 acre and using innovative and progressive farming techniques which he talks about in this book. He is also the founder of Clay Bottom Farm and provides resources and training for those interested in Lean Farming. He is helping to bring farming to a new generation of farmers.

Find it on Amazon.

4) Dirt to soil

By Gabe Brown

The soil is the star of this book. Through his family trials he has found some innovative solutions to some of the pressing agricultural challenges we come up against today.  The question asked here is,  "How can we get more life from the land?"

Find it on Amazon.

5) The resilient Farm and Homestead

By Ben Falk

A land designer and site developer took some land that would not conventionally be used for farming and made it thrive. He has a team of researchers and this book gives loads of helpful information and strategies on his work. You'll find gravity fed water systems, site design, agroforestry, fertility management and more.

Find it on Amazon.

6) Start your farm: The authoritative guide to becoming a sustainable 21st century farm

By Forrest Pritchard & Ellen Polishuk

Learn how to start a farm in the 21st century with a small to medium sized acreage. This book gives real examples and to dos for aspiring farmers out there. It takes this to the business side of farming which you will need to make your way. It also talks about the dos and don'ts. It's an easy read and one you should pick up if you're looking into getting into farming.

Find it on Amazon.

7) The Organic No-Till Farming Revolution: High Production Methods for Small-Scale Farmers

By Andrew Mefferd

Increasingly more farmers are moving toward low till or no-till farming practices. This book provides real life no-till stories and examples brought to you in a conversational style. If you're looking into tillage reduction, sustainable growing styles check out this book.

Find it on Amazon.

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