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6 Reasons to take your farm stand online

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

For many farmers your farm stand is another way to bring your product to more customers as they drive by your location. Farmbrite has made it easy for your to take it a step further and offer your customers (and potential customers) a way to find and purchase your products online.

There are a ton of reasons why people shop online; it's easy, less stress, no crowded stores, sometimes they can get a discount, and they can shop online and find the prefect item instead of going to several stores. Just think about your own online shopping habits and why you might find yourself shopping online and apply this to your customers.

Here are some of the features that Farmbrite offers in our Market.

Our Farm market offers to use features:

  • Easily market & sell your farm products with your online store

  • Use Quick Pay- Customers scan a QR code and pay quickly and handsfree

  • View your online sales with the dashboard sales graphs & data

  • Manage your available products, inventory updates & invoicing

  • Customize your online look, image gallery, information about you and more.

  • Manage your order history, status and billing

  • Easily find and contact your customers

  • Create custom reports to see your profit and loss

  • A contact you page with your social media links

  • Safe and secure payment

  • And more

The time is now to take your product online and reach more customers. Take Farmbrite out for a trial run. Try For Free


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