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Plant Spacing Guide – Proper Plant Spacing for Vegetables, Herbs & Flowers

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

plant spacing

Vegetable, Herb & Flower Plant Spacing Guide

The right plant spacing for your vegetables, herbs and flowers is critical and ensures that each plant has room to develop, gets adequate light and limits pest and weed pressure.

Unfortunately finding a comprehensive and reliable source for crop spacing information is hard. But, fortunately for you our team has scoured the internet and compiled a comprehensive guide for you.

Whether you're planting a vegetable garden or growing for market planning your crop spacing this year just got a whole lot easier. Use this guide to help determine the right plant spacing for common vegetables, herbs and flowers.

With this guide it's easy to grow crops from seed or starts. The chart below helps you calculate your planting depth, row spacing and plant spacing. It also gives some other helpful planting information like:

  • Plant spacing & seed depth

  • Average days to maturity

  • Average days to emerge

  • Preferred light profile

  • When to start before last frost [1]

  • Ideal planting method and details

  • Preferred USDA hardiness zone

  • Expected yield per 100 feet

Plant Spacing Guide

Here's a sample of the plan spacing for common vegetables, flowers and herbs. Check out the free downloadable plant spacing guide for more details.

Farmbrite Plant Spacing Guide
Download PDF • 95KB

If you're looking to improve your plantings, give Farmbrite a try. This information is already preloaded into Farmbrite and makes planning your market garden and managing your growing season a snap. We'll even help you calculate seed needed, estimate crop yields and revenue and help you run a more efficient and productive farm.

Happy Farming!

Farmbrite Plant Spacing Guide
Download PDF • 95KB

[1] Don't forget to adjust for weather and frost dates in your area.


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