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Streamline your veggie planting with our planting chart

Updated: Mar 4

Downloadable Vegetable Planting Guide

Planning your crops this year just got a whole lot easier. Here is a guide to help you with some of the common vegetables that we find that farmers grow in their market gardens.

With this guide it's easy to grow crops from seed or starts. The chart below helps you calculate your planting depth, row spacing and plant spacing. It also gives some other helpful planting information.

* Don't forget to adjust for weather and frost dates in your area. *

If you're looking to make your planting plans easier, give Farmbrite a try. This information is already preloaded into Farmbrite and makes planning your market garden and managing your growing season a snap. We'll even help you calculate seed needed. Take a look at us here.

Here is a downloadable vegetable planting chart for your reference.

Happy Farming!

Farmbrite - Vegetable Planting Chart[1]
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