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Why to keep farm records?

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

It's not a secret that businesses stay in business because they do what is profitable. So, as a farm, do you know what is making money on your farm? Do you know what isn't? If you can't answer these questions -quickly-you need to look into farm management software. Keeping your farm/ranch organized is an important part of your job as a businessperson. The fact that your job is in agriculture is just the icing on the cake.

There are many things that go into your day but never forget the business side of your agribusiness. Finance management, daily tracking, task management, schedule juggling, these are all inevitable parts of every business, and farming is no exception.

No, it's not the most fun part of business but every farmer should be informed about their finances, farming productivity and how their business is performing.

How can farm management software help your farm?

  • Measure efficiency and progress

  • Easily prepare accounts at year end

  • Help plan for upcoming payments, equipment maintenance, farm tasks, etc.

  • Track records online and access them from anywhere

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in the farm business

  • Help manage changes and improvements in the agribusiness

  • Make productivity projections

  • Help maximize the expenses you claim and minimize tax burden

  • Make it easier to pay employees and creditors and see what is owed

  • Keep livestock notes, breeding, health records and genealogy information in one place

  • Keep track of organic certification notes

  • And much more...

Writing everything down manually or keeping all your information in separate spreadsheets requires a lot of time, is prone to errors or loss of records and can be difficult to calculate each expense / sale / investment and compare it to productivity.

To make it easy, Farmbrite has done this for you. We have many charts, graphs and profit and loss reports, seed calculators, and much more to give you this information quickly. You can also enter notes and information quickly with our QR scanner and your mobile device. Keeping track of your agricultural business online with Farmbrite helps you track costs and income, tasks, schedules, and all the daily work for your agricultural business easily and saves you a ton of time. Let Farmbrite do the tracking for you, while you focus on the rest on your daily tasks.


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