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15 Tricks to Streamline your poultry farm - Using Farmbrite

If you produce chicken, turkey, geese, ducks, guinea fowl, quail, pigeons, emus, ostrich, peacocks or really any type of poultry on your farm you've come to the right place. Farmbrite has been working hard for the last several years helping poultry operations make better business decisions and keeping them organized. We've collected 15 of the top ways that our customers use our software.

Here are 15 ways that our poultry customers say they get the most out of Farmbrite.

1.) Scan a QR code to add quick notes on your chickens.

2.) Use the inventory feature to track feed, medicine or other inventory

3.) Track the weigh-to-feed conversion of your chickens

4.) Scan a QR code for quick notes on incubation

5.) Pull up reports for notes and treatments

6.) Use trace ID to track hatching eggs

7.) Track poultry parentage for breeding and genealogy

8.) Graze your chickens in tractors with the grazing rotation feature

9.) Create a quick bill of sale with Farmbrite

10.) Use tasks & calendar to remember To Do items

11.) Boost sales by selling your eggs, meat and poultry classes online

12.) Assign tasks to your farm workers using tasks

13.) Track financial data of your poultry flocks

14.) Quickly track egg yield

15.) Store images, notes and files on specific animals or flocks

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