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15 ways to streamline your poultry farm using Farmbrite

Updated: Jun 21

4 chickens on a fence

If you raise chickens, turkey, geese, ducks, guinea fowl, quail, pigeons, emus, ostrich, peacocks or really any type of poultry on your farm you've come to the right place. Farmbrite has been working hard for the last several years helping poultry operations make better business decisions and keeping them organized.

We've collected 15 of the top ways that our customers use our software.

Top 15 ways that our poultry customers say they get the most out of Farmbrite:

  1. Scan a QR code to add quick notes on your chickens Print out a QR code for each of your coops or grazing tractors and easily scan it on your mobile phone to streamline recording egg harvests, feedings, environmental information and much more. Learn more about using QR codes on your farm.

  2. Track treatments, feedings, and other inputs You can quickly and easily record all of your livestock treatments, feedings and inputs in Farmbrite to track your animal health. But you can also automatically track farm inventory you're using as part of these activities and get notified when you're running low on critical livestock inputs.

  3. Measure your flocks and track the feed-conversion-ratio of your chickens Farmbrite makes it easy to track the weight of your birds and check them against breed growth standards and targets, but did you know you can also see how effective your feed is by reviewing your feed conversion ratio and the animal's average daily gain?

  4. Use standard and custom reports to identify trends Farmbrite comes loaded with dozens of pre-built dashboards and standard reports to help you make sense of all the farm data you've collected. If those reports don't answer your questions you can always build your own with an easy to use custom report builder. Learn more about how to analyze your farm data.

  5. Streamline traceability of egg harvests Keeping good farm traceability records is critical for any farm operation. Streamline your traceability by leveraging Farmbrite's automatic trace ID and harvest tracking. These features automatically assign a unique ID to every harvest that can be easily found using a QR code scan or search and provide details about the history of the harvest. Leveraging automatic inventory spoilage and age alerts to never loose track of when harvests are going bad.

  6. Track poultry parentage for breeding and genealogy If you're breeding chickens or other poultry for certain physical or egg characteristics then you know how important keeping detailed breeding and genealogy records is. Farmbrite's livestock breeding and genealogy features make it simple to keep on of this.

  7. Graze your chickens in tractors with the grazing rotation feature Many farmers are using chicken tractors to free range their chickens or incorporating their chickens or other poultry into a multi-species rotational grazing. If you're doing any type of livestock grazing you know how important it is to keep track of herd and flock movements, pasture rest days, animal units per acre and more. You can leverage our livestock grazing features to keep track and manage all your grazing needs.

  8. Keep track of egg inventory Your chickens and other poultry and going to lay eggs and if you're raising layers and selling those eggs keeping detailed records for your flock production and egg inventory is critical. Never loose track of how many eggs your have in your cooler and how old those batches are. Farmbrite's inventory features seamlessly integrate with our livestock production tracking and help keep track of overall farm inventory on hand and alert you when you're running low or when eggs (or other inventory) is about to expire.

  9. Create a quick bill of sale with Farmbrite If you're selling livestock whether full grown or chicks generating accurate sales records to provide your buyers can be cumbersome. Farmbrite streamlines the sale of livestock and automatically generates a print ready livestock bill of sale while also automatically updating your livestock records and recording the associated income from your sale. Learn more about generating livestock bill of sales.

  10. Use tasks & calendar to remember To Do items There is never a shortage of work to be done around the farm and it can be easy to loose track of everything you or your team needs to get done. Integrated scheduling and task management helps you keep track of all your important tasks so you never forgot what needs to be done and you have accurate records of all the work your team's completed on your farm.

  11. Boost sales by selling your eggs, meat and poultry classes online If you're not selling direct to consumers you might considering launching a self service online farm store using Farmbrite's built in farm eCommerce site to expand your egg sales reach. Even if you don't sell direct to consumers you can easily capture and track your orders, manage deliveries and streamline inventory picking.

  12. Assign tasks to your farm workers using tasks Keep track of all the work your team needs to complete and easily delegate, assign, manage and track the work that your whole team is doing.

  13. Track financial data of your poultry flocks Keeping detailed financial records is critical for any businesses success. Using Farmbrite's integrate farm accounting software it's never been easier to track your costs, view your income, understand breakeven and ROI and evaluate profitable enterprises and streamline farm taxes.

  14. Quickly track egg yield Not sure what your lay rate is, how well your flock is producing or which coop is producing more eggs? Not sure what is impacting your egg quality or production counts? Stop guessing and let Farmbrite help you track your flock egg production to ensure your birds are healthy and happy and producing the highest quality eggs.

  15. Store images, notes and files on specific animals or flocks Stop struggling with loose files, photos and records for your operation or worrying that you might loose that important record? Keep all you farm records, data, files and photos safe and secure in one place and never loose them again.

Give Farmbrite a try with a free 14 day trial to see how we can help you poultry operation.

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