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Sheep Gestation Calculator

We've put together some basics on sheep gestation and a helpful sheep gestation calculator to help you estimate when your ewe might be expecting.

How long does a sheep's pregnancy last?

The gestation period (length of pregnancy) for sheep on average is about 5 months or 147 days, however the time for your ewe to give birth does vary based on the breed, environment, litter weight and size, and other factors.

While the average gestation period is 147 days, sheep gestation can typically happen between 142 and 152 day. Litter size has a significant impact on gestation period. Larger litters typically mean shorter gestation periods. Litter size may be greater in animals who are repeat mothers compared to those in their first pregnancy.

Ewes typically give birth to 1 to 3 lambs, but older ewes with in good health can give birth to up to 5 or 6 lambs. Ewes often give birth to their largest litter of lambs between 3 and 6 years old.

While the gestation period for sheep is well established, it's always be to consult with your local vet throughout your sheep's pregnancy to ensure the best health of both the mother and lambs.

Sheep Gestation Calculator

The sheep gestation calculator is a simple tool to help you estimate the lambing date (due date) for your for ewe.

How to use the sheep gestation calculator?

To use the sheep gestation calculator simply enter the Mating date for your ewe and the sheep gestation calculator will provide you with an estimated lambing date.

To accurately calculate the expected due date for your sheep it's important to keep detailed and accurate records about when your ewes may have been exposed to a ram, artificially insemination or had a confirmed pregnancy through an ultrasound. Learn more about keeping livestock records.

How is the sheep lambing date or due date calculated ?

As we mentioned above, the average gestation for most breeds is 147 days, although it may last anywhere from 142 to 152 days.

The sheep gestation calculator uses the following formula:

Lambing date = Day when ewe was exposed to a ram or AI + 147 days

Keeping reading to learn more about successful sheep and lambing.


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