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How to choose the Right Farm Management Software?

Farmers find themselves overwhelmed with choices of farm software these days. With so many choices how do you make the right one so you only move your data once? Here are a few questions to ask yourself and the different software companies as makes your decision.

Is it easy to use?

Now that you put all your data into the software. Can you get your data out easily? Can you access your data from anywhere? Is it set up in a way that is customer focused?

Does this company and their developers really understand where you're coming from as a farmer?

Many companies in this industry do not come from a farming background. So, do they know what farmers need? Do they listen to their customers and get regular feedback from them? I would ask the company those questions.

Do you need an eCommerce site to sell things?

Getting products to customers is even more complicated with Covid 19. Is your farm management platform making it easy to sell your items?

Picking the right one can save you time

You don't have to recreate the wheel here. There are many software companies out there that have been working to solve these issues. Many farms spend a lot of time building their own spreadsheets, input data into multiple applications on top of running their farm. Entering farm data is not why you got into farming. Like any tool you use on your farm the software you use should fit the job.

There are many to choose from

There are a wide variety of different online and desktop systems these days on the market for farmers. In our experience the right software really depends on the type of operation you are running, how much automation you may or may not have in place, you’re level of experience with farm planning, management, or record keeping software and what’s important to your business.

Most farm management software should include these key features:

  • Record keeping & traceability features

  • Crop planning and field mapping capabilities

  • Farm schedule and task management

  • Historic harvest/yield reporting and trends

  • Track field activity

  • Weather predicting

  • Accessible online

Some farm management systems focus on niche needs and others have solutions that are designed for a specific scale of operations. For example, features like automated tracking and reporting integrated into IOT devices or tractors. Other systems offer a broader set of features that can help with your whole agriculture business. For example, farm accounting capabilities, livestock tracking & genealogy, grazing management, tractor and equipment record keeping, CSA management, etc.